〰 Mar Vista Makes Waves 〰

Energetic advocates amplifying your voice.

With your VOTE, we will advocate to:

    • Reflect the diversity of this community

    • Improve community resources

    • Prepare Mar Vista for the future

〰 Let’s make waves! 〰 

Who We Are

We’re a diverse group of candidates made up of people from all walks of life: Parents, renters, homeowners, LGBTQ+, span across three generations, Latinas, African American, women running for office, small business owner, public servant, community organizer, adopted rescue pet owners

¡También, hablamos español!

We celebrate the unique viewpoint that each community member has to offer. Together, we’re here to fight for you and to support and represent everyone in this community.


Our Beginning

As a group we began meeting with each other at local Mar Vista events and are running together to support the community and each other. Because of you, we chose to run in the Mar Vista Community Council Election on June 02, 2019.

The Election

Sunday, June 02, 2019 || 10 am - 4 pm
Mar Vista “Park” Community Recreation Center
11430 Woodbine St, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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“People do not come out to vote for a United States Senator. They come out to vote for the Sheriff or the County Commissioner. ”

— Lyndon B. Johnson

Why We Are Running

As candidates, we’re supporting each other because we believe that collaboration and mutual understanding are the key to success.

We share the following priorities:

  • Expanding community outreach efforts and community-wide programming

  • Promoting sustainability through green initiatives for the neighborhood

  • Promoting safe and caring solutions for the homeless with LAPD and other agencies

  • Providing resources and support to small businesses, entrepreneurs and artists to sustain the local economy

  • Leveraging our collective public policy and community engagement expertise to ensure Mar Vista’s voice is heard by city officials in the Westside Community Plan update

  • Supporting our schools, children, and the future of our community and country

Mar Vista is a dynamic community with a diverse population. You deserve a council that promotes unity in the community and advocates for your needs.

We want the Mar Vista Community Council to be accessible and responsive to all community members.

99 Councils

Neighborhood Councils in the City of Los Angeles

13 Positions

Positions Open on the Mar Vista Community Council

100% Committed

Our Candidates are invested in having more voices heard

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved, stay informed or donate, we accept all levels of support. Donations are vital to our growth, as we will use donations for resources and outreach.

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