Our Candidates

Pamula Solar

Zone 2 Director


Let’s work together! 

As a parent of two elementary students, education is a priority.   As such, I want to strengthen the community ties with our local schools. I have spent three years as a Richland Ave Booster Officer. I have seen our school transform with the addition of the French immersion program and the test scores have soared! I would love to see all of our local schools join in this success. I support the teachers and UTLA. I also support the LA County Foster/Adoption program and enjoy speaking with those interested in the process. My children’s charitable endeavors involve the homelessness in our community. Once on the MVCC, I would like to collaborate with others on safe ways for our children to help. I will listen and advocate for you. Whether it’s a sidewalk that needs repair, a pothole that needs to be filled or a more serious issue that might affect our community: I will listen. Let’s work together to bring success to our families, our children, and our MV community.

Harrison Hopkins

Zone 5 Director


Hi! I'm Harrison Hopkins and I'm running for Zone 5 Director on the Mar Vista Community Council. I've lived in Mar Vista for 3.5 years and I want to work with you to make Mar Vista better for all of us. As your representative, I plan to encourage greater community outreach, engagement for projects within the zone and greater community, and to empower stakeholders of all types to have their voices heard by leveraging technology. Specific projects I want to address include protecting and growing our green spaces within the zone and identify potential new ones, look for compassionate and empathetic solutions to the homelessness crisis, and cultivate relationships between community leaders and marginalized groups traditionally not represented by neighborhood councils. I hope to have your vote for Zone 5 Director. Let's bring our community together!

Andrea Ambriz

Director At-Large

Andrea Ambriz headshot.jpg

For Healthy, Vibrant and Safe Communities. As a 20+ year neighborhood resident formerly serving the Obama White House, SEIU labor union, and CA State Capitol, I am an experienced advocate for working families, businesses, and communities. Our neighborhood has been my family’s home for years, and I am committed to infusing my experience working on the frontlines of national and state policymaking to build and nurture our hometown. I believe in inclusivity and the value of engaging our diverse community as we explore area planning and improvement efforts. I will cultivate partnerships with homeowners and renters, businesses, schools and organizations to create solutions to foster, strengthen and protect our communities and economy. Specifically, I will support green, open space and sustainability development; promote local businesses, workers, and organizations; and prioritize safe streets, parks, homes and workplaces. To learn more, visit AmbrizForMarVista.com. VOTE ANDREA AMBRIZ!

Ann Bickerton

Director At-Large


I live, work, and appreciate life in Mar Vista. If elected as At-Large Director, I will fight to preserve our neighborhood's quality of life and craft a community-led plan for the coming decade. I will leverage my policy and nonprofit management experience to ensure that LA listens to and works with the MVCC on critical issues including law enforcement, homelessness, and housing solutions. My vision is a council that is welcoming, inclusive, and driven by community members. I intend to institute input opportunities on the Westside Community Plan update and to expand outreach to community members who are underrepresented in the MVCC. Thank you for considering me. Gracias por su consideración!

Gabriel Hill

Director At-Large


I'm Gabriel Hill, and I'm running for At-Large Director.  I've been a proud resident of Mar Vista since 2006. Currently, I'm the Co-Chair of The Transportation & Infrastructure Committee and The Great Streets Ad Hoc Subcommittee. While serving on these committees, I've developed a new found respect for our community and a deeper understanding of our neighborhood. I'm a big believer in progress, unity and togetherness.  

None of us got to where we are by ourselves but if you did, it doesn't hurt to pay it forward by helping someone else. I'm convinced everyone wants the best for our neighborhood -- I know I do! Mar Vista has a lot of positive synergy these days and I'd like to see it continue. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out a few of these examples: click here

Not only am I passionate about these events, programs and projects -- I'm a champion of them! If elected as At-Large Director, I will be an advocate and promoter of Innovation, Community, Safety, Fun, Family and the Future of Mar Vista.

I would be honored to have your vote ‪on Sunday, June 2nd‬ -- Bring your "Souls to the Polls!"
Delighted to Serve,
Gabriel Hill

Tyler Laferriere

Director At-Large


Moving to LA two years ago, the community of Mar Vista generously opened its arms to my partner and I, and I wish to further that spirit of hospitality by serving Mar Vista’s residents, business owners and stakeholders on the MVCC. In addition to the macro perspective I would bring as a researcher for the LA County Economic Development Corporation, I would bring my commitment to inclusively shaping this community’s future by addressing the needs of all Mar Vistans, homeowners and renters, new and seasoned stakeholders alike. In particular, my term as an At-Large Director would be focused on: planning and land use management; homelessness; transportation and infrastructure; and environmental preparedness and climate change. I would also encourage greater use of social media; increased community awareness and access to MVCC actions and initiatives; and greater collaboration with our Westside neighbors. My name is Tyler Laferriere, and thank you for your consideration of my candidacy.

Vanessa Colosio Diaz

Director At-Large


Building Community Through Connection - As an elected At-Large Director, I will be your neighborhood advocate. I hope to work with the community on Economic Development, Sustainability, Housing, improved Communications, and Cultural Engagement. In my short tenure living in Mar Vista, I have been a member of the Mar Vista Chamber of Commerce, written for the Santa Monica Star and served on the Social Media Club Board. I’m a Public Policy Junior League member, have a Political Science Bachelor's minor, and I’m the founder of a creative services business with clients including a children-focused non-governmental. A CA State Legislature also awarded a Certificate of Recognition for my outreach to low-income minority youth. Spending 15+ years in big cities with small-town roots I relate to varied backgrounds, visions, and experiences. I look forward to representing you, engaging more stakeholders with a diversity of thought, and propelling our neighborhood forward as a community.


As a group we’re proud to represent diversity including but not limited to the following experiences and identities.

Parent, renter, homeowner, LGBTQ+, span three generations in age, Latina, African American, women running for office, small business owner, public servant, community organizer, multilingual

We celebrate the unique viewpoint that each community member has to offer. Together, we’re here to fight for you and to support and represent everyone in this community.

¡También, hablamos español!

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We’re proud of our very own Vanessa Colosio Diaz {Candidate} for The Argonaut’s recent feature of her as a rising voice on LA’s westside.


  • Andrea served under President Barack Obama at the White House as Deputy Director of Private Sector Engagement

  • Gabriel currently serves as Co-Chair of The Transportation & Infrastructure Committee and The Great Streets Ad Hoc Subcommittee, on the Mar Vista Community Council.

  • Tyler is an associate economist for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation and has held positions at both the Federal Reserve and the USDA.

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